Resumes & Career Portfolios


This is one of my favorite specialties.  I have been custom designing and writing these for over 30 years.  My goal it to get the employer to mentally hire you before they ever meet you in person, to make you stand out in a very professional and polished way as you never have before. There are some secrets I will share with you when you become a client  of ours.



Does you need a biography or does your biography need sprucing up  due to career, achievements and/or professional changes?  Do you have a speech to make or information about yourself that needs to go in a magazine?  If so, you need a professional bio. I will be glad to make yours come to life in the ears of the hearers and the eyes of the readers.



I have successfully written 2 grants that totaled to over $75K for a company, they received the money, and that was my first written grant. I can tell you the secrets to obtaining them that many grant writers will not tell you that I learned very quickly.  I am unable to guarantee the grantors' decision, but I know many positive, ethical, professional and influential ways to help you get the grant you desire. 

Presentations & Speeches


A great presentation can make or break your image.  Standing in front of a group of your peers with a shabby presentation or a so-so speech is a no, no. You want to wow the crowd everytime. There are many important dynamics that go into speeches and presentations. Let me show you how to become memorable in an exceptional and  positive way.

Technical References/Guides


Make your technology and/or software more understandable to the user by creating step-by-tep instruction, easy to understand reference guides, cards, sheets, tips, tricks and such like.  I have also been writing these for over 33 years for all types of industries.  These can be created on paper, PDF, Word, laminated, uploaded into SharePoint and more. 

Document Language Translation

Do you need a document translated into or from another language with the correct grammatical usage? Let me help you. I am able to translate large and small documents into a wide variety of languages and deliver it back to you so that you,  your client, family or friend can read and easily understand it.

Website Content

What your business and/or website stands for is so important to building your brand and gaining great clients for life.  Let us write your content for you by going through a detailed interview and capturing what you really want to say to build lifetime clientele.

Document Editing/Proofreading

It never hurts to have 2 or 3 pairs of eyes check a document to ensure it looks great. Document editing and proofreading is paramount for all documents.  Whether large, or small, get another set of eyes on your documents to ensure the  document is not only great but excellent. 

Newsletters & Magazine Articles


Do you need a dynamic newsletter or an awesome magazine article?  You came to the right place. I will be more than happy to create one or more for you that is customized with your company logo and that meets the image and specifications you desire.

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