Business  Plans


Does you need a business plan to start that dream business?  A great business plan will help you navigate and prioritize the success of your business.  In addition, it will open the doors to your most needed business loan or business investor.  You only get one good chance to make one great first impression in going after your business dreams, let me help you get there.



I have successfully written grants that totaled to over $75K for a company. They received the money, and that was my first written grant. I can tell you the secrets to obtaining them that many grant writers will not tell you that I learned very quickly.  I am unable to guarantee the grantors' decision, but I know several positive, ethical, and professional ways to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Professional Resumes and Bios 


This is one of my favorite specialties.  I have been custom designing and writing these for over 30 years.  My goal it to get the employer to mentally hire you before they ever meet you in person, to make you stand out in a very professional and polished way as you never have before. There are some secrets I will share with you when you become a client of ours.

Websites and Website Content


Does you need website that makes your business stand out from the crowd?  A great website will help you gain clients and notoriety and give a great overview of the services you provide your clients.  I can design a full website  and or write dynamic content or your site.  

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