Nothing Less than Interview Success!

Keep getting turned down for the jobs you want?  Not ready for your next job interview? I have an excellent answer for you.  Learn what you don't know today!  Take this class.

Click here to launch class. This class will clearly teach you what you need to know and do before your next job interview! Fourteen informative and power-packed lessons. You can finish in less than 3 hours in time for your next important interview.  Here is a brief list of what this class will do for you:

Help you understand 6 different interviewer personalities and how to respond to them

Help you know how to answer and handle employment gaps with ease

Help you to know what to do at a lunch or dinner interview including proper etiquette

Answer 30 tough interview questions properly 

Questions you may have never thought of asking but should

Effective company research

Documentation excellence, how it makes you or breaks you

Why should they hire you, why they will or why they won't

Things you do to say, "don't hire me" without realizing it

Free follow-up question and answer session with me when completed and more


Unleash the Entrepreneur in You!

Thinking about starting a business but do not know where to start.  I have just the course for you.  Click here to launch the class Here is what you will learn:

Is Entrepreneurship for you?

Why Businesses Succeed and Fail

Business Foundations

How to Name your Business

Components of your Business Plan

The Website and Business Cards

How to Choose a Business Lawyer

What are the Articles of Organization?

Business Finance, Insurance and Accounting

Business Banking 

Grants and Loans

Marketing, Demographics and Social Media

USP/ USA and The Elevator Pitch

Business Housekeeping

Recordkeeping and Cloud Technology

Company and Owner Image

Hiring Employees

Trademarks, Copyrights and more...

Want just a taste?  Click here for the mini-course.

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